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Practicing kickboxing in its different variants (Kick-Boxing, K1 Rules, etc..), Expressions of combat sports percussion (boxes / kicking) can develop multiple physical and mental qualities within the ethical values ​​(respect for the opponent, rules, etc.)..

WAKO and WAKO PRO support via Federations of their affiliates or representatives, allow athletes to express themselves fully in compliance with the values ​​and integrity of practitioners.



Combat sport percussion techniques (feet / fist) worn with full power and contact the authorized targets: the front and side of the head and body.

Specificity: The kicks can also be worn (especially the tibia) on the inner or outer thigh of the opponent.

The dress is short.

Born in Tokyo in 1964 after the Olympics. Introduced WAKO Kickboxing in its tournaments in 1992.

This name ("Kick-Boxing") is officially used in Monaco and France as a separate discipline but for the WAKO and WAKO PRO, it is a variant (called Low Kick - "kick down") Family Kick-Boxing (generic term for WAKO and WAKO PRO).

The term "kickboxing" in the sense of WAKO and WAKO PRO includes several variants: "Low Kick", the "K1 Rules", the "Full Contact", etc.).



Same definition as "kickboxing", the "low kick" is allowed.

Specificity: The input (duration less than five seconds) the neck is also only allowed to lend a direct knee which can also give free entry (eg flying knee).


Same definition as "kickboxing" but neither low-Kick, or seizures, or knee are permitted. The kicks are worn above the waist which makes them particularly spectacular.

The dress is satin pants.

"Full Contact" was the first form of fighting on the ring adopted by WAKO. In France, the Full-Contact has been practiced for thirty years. This was the first discipline to discipline Kickboxing Gala presented in Monaco in 1977 by the American Bill Wallace said "the fastest leg of the world" are retained his world title at this time.



2023  Monte Carlo Fighting Masters  

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