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Felicia newFounded in 1997, the International Academy of Self-Defense and Combat Sports Monaco, chaired by Mrs Felicia POUGET, is licensed by the Government of Monaco.

The Academy provides instruction in the Boxing Hall of Stade Louis II nearly 200 licensed practicing kickboxing, K1 Rules, Full-Contact, but also the Muaythai, Boxing Chinese (Wushu Sanda) and OCR and Self-Defense Krav Maga. These disciplines are taught in separate classes for adults and teens as well as children (10/13).

Teaching is conducted under the technical direction of the expert Monaco Claude POUGET, certified teacher for twenty disciplines Self-Defense, 14 times and 10 times black belt graduate of State Expert kickboxing, 7th Degree, 6th Dan Karate (etc.).

Officer of several federations or associations Monaco martial arts (Krav Maga, Wushu, etc..) And Beausoleil and Cap d'Ail, France Claude POUGET exercise federal functions in National Manager Grades Kick-Boxing ( delivering up to 7th Degree), Technical Advisor of Krav Maga. It has been dedicated to the 3rd consecutive year the Hall of Fame among the international elite, receiving the award in 2012 of "International Self-Defense Master of the Year."

He is assisted by Thomas BREZZO, federal certified teacher for teaching kickboxing, K1 Rules, Muaythai, Full Contact and Chauss'fight.

The Academy is a member of several Monaco Monaco and French Federations of Contact Sports, Krav Maga, Wushu and Disciplines Asscociées.

The Monegasque Contact Sports and Associated Disciplines is affiliated to WAKO (Kick-Boxing, K1 Rules, Full-Contact, etc..) And IFMA (International Federation of Muaythai Amateur), international federations of their own disciplines recognized by Sport Accord.

Comité D'Organisation


The Executive Committee of the Academy consists of (left to right): MM. Thomas BREZZO (Technical Advisor) and Pierre BREZZO (Vice-Chairman), Claude POUGET (Technical Director), Her Excellency Mrs. Catherine FAUTRIER (Board Member and Vice President of Honour), Mrs. Felicia POUGET (Chairman), Baroness Cécile de MASSY (Board Member and Vice President of Honour), Jennifer Levy-SOUSSAN (Vice-Chairperson), MM. Charles VAUDANO (Secretary General), Lionel VAUDANO (Advisor), Jocelyne FAUTRIER-BELLONE (General Treasurer). Missing from the photo: Me Margaret VAUDANO (Deputy General Treasurer) and Mr. Gérard POUGET (Vice President).




2023  Monte Carlo Fighting Masters  

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