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3rd MONTE-CARLO FIGHTING MASTERS – Friday 24 June 2016


Held under the High Patronage of H.S.H Prince ALBERT II of Monaco, the 3rd Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters, presented by Cécile Gelabale and Claude Pouget, is being organised by the International Martial Arts Academy of Monaco, and will take place on Friday 24 June 2016 from 7pm until midnight, in the Salle Omnisports Gaston Médecin within Louis II Stadium.
The event will match up to the two previous editions, which were both a resounding success.
The evening will honour Kick-Boxing, K1-Rules and Full-Contact, a well-known foot and fist discipline, governed by strict sporting rules and ethical values.

The organisers of the 3rd Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters will work in partnership with the “Peace and Sport” organisation and “Friendships without Borders International”, to which 10% of the box office takings will be donated, thus enabling these international Monegasque charities to fund a charitable initiative of their choice.

This exceptional event will witness the participation of 18 athletes, legends, stars, world and European champions of various nationalities, (French, Italian, Russian, Belgian, Belarusian, Serbian, Swedish and Kyrgyz), who will compete in 9 fights of various weight categories (heavy weight, super middleweight, middleweight and super welterweight, in particular), in the hope to win one of 9 world champion titles from the prestigious "WAKO-PRO - World Association of Kick-boxing Organizations", in one single evening: a world first!
The “Peace and Sport” organisation and “Friends without Borders International” cups will be presented to one of these champions.

- The German superstar Enrico KEHL, 24, 1.77m, world champion K1 World Max 2014 (legendary winner Buakaw Banchamek), World Champion WKU 2014 ISKA World Champion 2013, 81 fights 66 wins (28 KOs) - 14 losses - 1 draw,, will take on- for the title of K1-Rules, WAKO PRO world champion- in the middleweight category, (-75 kg), in 5 3-minute rounds, the phenomenal Belarusian, Chingiz Allazov, aged 23, 1.80m, K1 Rules WAKO PRO world champion in 2015, five-time world champion in Muay Thai IFMA, with 189 fights and 181 victories to his name (75 KOs) and 8 defeats.

- The French star, Yohan LIDON, aged 33, 1.80m, with 11 (or 12) world champion titles: WMC 2016 – WBC -2016-2015-2014 -2011-2011-2009—IMTU 2015-WFKB 2013 – IT’S SHOW TIME 2011 – WKA 2008 – with 111 victories and 139 fights to his name (67 KOs) – 28 defeats, will take on- for the title of K1 RULES WAKO PRO super middleweight world champion- (-78 kg) in 5 x 3-minute rounds, the defending champion, the Russian star, Datsi DATSIEV, aka “the Predator” aged 28, 1.77m, double K1 Rules WAKO and WAKO PRO world champion for 2015 and winner of the K1 Rules WAKO 2013 World Cup, with 205 victories, (114 KOs!) and 228 fights to his name and 23 defeats.

- The Belgian star, Youssef BOUGHANEM, living in Thailand, aged 26, 1.82m, winner of the mythical Thai-Fight in December 2015, double world champion of the World Max Muay Thai 2015 and Venum 2015, with 174 victories (65 KOs) and 198 fights to his name, 22 defeats and 2 draws, will take on- for the vacant K1 Rules WAKO PRO world champion title (-71.800kg light middle weight)- the Italian star, Armen PETROSYAN, aged 2, 1.78m, triple world champion: in K1-Rules ISKA 2014 and 2015 and Muay Thai WMTA 2013, with a record of 79 victories (25 KOs) in 92 fights.

- The French icon, Anissa MEKSEN, nicknamed "the French Buakaw", aged 27, 1.63m is a planetary star. 8-time world champion (VWS 2015, WPMF 2014 S1 2013, la Savate 2013, 2011, 2010 and 2008), she has to her credit 90 fights for 87 victories (25 KOs) and 3 defeats. She will take on the reigning K1 Rules WAKO PRO world champion, in the bantam weight category (-52 kg), the Swede, Thérèse GUNNARSSON, aged 32, 1,63m, WAKO K1 Rules PRO title holder, with 61 fights and 41 victories to her name (3 KOs) and 20 defeats.

- The French star, Cédric DOUMBE, aka “The Best”, aged 23, 1.77m, double Kick-Boxing and Full-contact WKA world champion in 2014, with 69 victories (46 KOs) and 76 fights to his name, 6 defeats and one draw, will take on- for the world middleweight champion title- (-75 kg) the Serbian world champion, Ljubo JALOVI, aged 26, 1.86m, with 82 victories to his name (20 KOs) – 11 defeats and 1 draw

- Frenchman, Dylan Salvador, aged 23, 1.75m, is a phenomenon who isn’t afraid of taking on a challenge. World Thai Boxing WAKO PRO champion in 2014, he has a record of 40 victories (13 KOs) for 55 fights and 14 defeats. He will take on- for the K1 Rules WAKO PRO welterweight world champion title- (66.800 kg), the Kyrgyz, Aleksei FEDOSEEV, aged 29, 1.67m, who is the reigning K1 Rules WAKO PRO world champion for 2014, WBKF world champion in 2012 with 127 victories, (31 KOS) for 147 fights, 14 defeats and 5 draws.

- The French star, Jérôme ARDISSONE, aged 28, 1.69 m, WKA 2014 and WKN 2014 -2013 triple world champion in Full-contact, with 87 fights and 79 victories to his credit (7 KOs) and 6 defeats, will take on- for the title of world flyweight champion- (-54.500 kg) in 12 2-minute rounds, the Russian star, Alexey TRIFONOV, aged 29, 1.75m, WAKO 2015, 2013, 2011 triple world champion, with 308 fights and 273 victories to his name (63 KOs) and 35 defeats.

- French triple world champion, Cédric TOUSCH, aged 27, 1.90m, world champion: Muay Thai (WBC) 2016, K1 Rules (WFM) 2014 and Muay Thai (IFMA) 2012, with a record of 143 victories (107 KOs) for 146 fights, 1 defeat and 2 draws, will take on- for the vacant light heavy weight K1 Rules WAKO PRO world champion title– 81.400 kg, in 5x3 minute rounds, the bulgarian world champion, Aleksandar PETROV, 25 years old, 1,90 m, Wako K1 rules Wolrd Champion 2015, with 209 victories (11 by KO) upon 239 fights, 29 loss and 1 draw.

- the Italian double world champion, Gabriele CASELLA, aka “the Magnificent”, aged 22, 1.88m, K1 Rules WAKO 2015 and 2012 world champion, with a record of 53 victories, (14 KOs), 65 fights, 6 defeats and 6 draws, will take on- for the light heavyweight world champion title (Cruiser -85.100 kg), in 5 3-minute rounds, the WAKO PRO 2013 European champion hailing from Nice, Grégory GROSSI, aged 32, 1.95m, bronze medal winner at the K1 Rules WAKO 2011 world championship, having fought 79 fights, with 69 victories, 7 defeats and 3 draws.

Press conference
Thursday 23 June at 12pm, Monte-Carlo Casino Atrium

Public Weigh-in
Thursday 23 June at 7pm, Café de Paris Terrace

Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters – 24 June 2016 at 7pm at the Louis II Stadium (Salle Gaston Medecin)
Information and online ticket sales: or from the usual outlets: Fnac, Carrefour, etc.
Tel: 06 07 93 31 36

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