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International organizations of Kickboxing



WAKO PRO General director

Monegasque Kick-Boxing Federation
WAKO PRO Representant in Monaco
WAKO PRO Founder


The "WAKO PRO - World Association of Kickboxing Organizations" ( was founded in 1991 by Mr Ennio Falsoni, WAKO president at that time, to ensure the elite fighters of amateur athletes of kickboxing WAKO (, founded in 1976, development of promotional kickboxing career.

WAKO and WAKO PRO were two sides of the same coin.

In 2006, the WAKO PRO was officially separated from the WAKO to enable it to become the world federation of amateur recognized by SportAccord International Federations Union.

Under the current presidency of Mr Borislav Pelevic, newly elected on 24th November 2015, nowadays the WAKO gather 118 affiliated nations present on 5 continents.

WAKO PRO was chaired for 18 years (1991 to 2009) by Mr. Ennio Falsoni, charismatic Italian champion of martial arts. Since 2009, his daughter Mrs Barbara Falsoni took over as WAKO PRO General Director, while Mr Falsoni leading WAKO.

WAKO PRO gives priority and exclusivity to WAKO national federations for official representation in their territory.

WAKO PRO offers the very best competitors coming from WAKO for international promotions and opportunities.

WAKO PRO has created strong rules and standards that ensure promoters and fighters in their rights and interests.

WAKO PRO guarantees the right decisions in championship fights. Its ethics require loyalty, fairness and integrity in the best interest of kickboxing, promoters and champions.

WAKO PRO has adopted the code of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and is strongly against the use of any narcotic, drug or type dopant.

WAKO-PRO is against discrimination on the basis of race, nationality and religion. It promotes fair play in sport.

WAKO PRO is in the best interest of kickboxers, guaranteeing fair payment, equal treatment and respect for their rights.

WAKO PRO holds about fifty annual events on five continents.


The Monegasque KickBoxing Federation, Wako's Member, is WAko Pro partner

In the Principality of Monaco, the WAKO PRO is represented by Mr Claude POUGET, also President and National Technical Director, Expert eight degree black belt. of the Monegasque KickBoxing Federation.
The Monegasque Federation is approved by the Monaco Government, recognized by the Monegasque Olympic Committee and WAKO's member.

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