In november 2012, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco awarding
Mr Claude POUGET the Silver medal of Physical Education and Sports
Expert in Krav Maga
7th Dan
Higher State diploma
Master KickBoxing,
Black belt 8th grade
State diploma
Expert in Karate
6th Dan
Higher State diploma

Claude Pouget : Co- founder and CEO of the Monte Carlo Masters Fighting

Co -founder of the Monte Carlo Masters Fighting and CEO Monte Carlo Fighting Masters , Claude POUGET , with the support of Cécile Gelabale , and the support of the Principality of Monaco , presented the Monte Carlo Fighting Masters editions organized by The International Monaco Academy of Kickboxing, Muaythaï and Krav-Maga .

In addition to his function of international sports events promoter, Claude Pouget, Legal Advisor, Honorary Police Commander of the Monaco Police Department, is also a martial arts expert with forty years of experience.

Legal Advisor

Claude Pouget is a Legal Advisor and a Member of the Chamber of Legal Advisors of Monaco. Holder of a Master 2 in Law and Master’s in Private Business Law, he is particularly specialised in advisory services and implementation of the setting up of foreigners in Monaco (visa applications, obtaining residence permits etc…).


Security expert

Honorary Police Commander, International Police Association member, holder of the Monaco public office silver-gilt medal awarded by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, and holder of a Master 2 in Public Law (Police and Internal Security), Honorary Police Commander Claude Pouget was Advisor to the Commissioner of the Monaco Police after holding various duties with the Monaco Police, including that of Head of Elite Group (equivalent to RAID), Head of Protection of Public Figures; Head of the Investigation and Task Force Unit with the Criminal Investigation Division; Officer for the Protection of the Princely Family of Monaco; Media Relations Officer; Legal and Self-Defence Trainer at the Monaco Police Academy.


Master of Martial Arts, Combat Sports and Self-Defence

2012 Youth and Sports silver medallist with medal awarded by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, distinguished at the Hall of Fame four times, Self-Defense Masters of the Year (2010, 2012); the world’s most certified martial arts instructor (2011); Martial Arts Masters of the Year (2013), Master Claude Pouget holds 14 black belts and 10 state certificates.

Master Claude Pouget is one of the world’s most referenced multi-specialist instructors, being expert, highly graded or state certified in no less than ten martial arts, self-defence and combat sports: Thai Boxing (state certified 10th Khan), Kickboxing (state certified, 8th grade black belt), K1 Rules (6th grade), Karate (state certified 6th Dan), Krav Maga Self-Defence (higher state certified, 7th Dan), Full Contact (6th grade), Kung Fu Wushu (Sanshou 3rd Dan), and state certified in Boxing, Sambo and Wrestling.

He is also the first Monegasque instructor to be federally certified as a Pankration and MMA instructor.

In martial arts, he has more than forty years of experience to his credit in practicing and teaching martial arts.

In competitions, he has obtained a total of one hundred combat sport victories in various disciplines as diverse as Karate, K.O. Karate, Boxing, Judo, Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Kung Wushu Contact.


Expert Instructor of Martial Arts, Combat Sports and Self-Defense

Master Pouget manages martial arts, combat sports and self-defence training at:

The International Martial Arts Academy of Monaco;
The International Martial Arts Academy Cap d’Ail;


Monaco federal executive officer

Executive (President, Vice-President or National Technical Director) and founder in the year 2000 of several Monegasque federations (Contact sports: Muay Thai, Kickboxing; Wushu Sanshou and Krav Maga) or associations, all of which are recognised by the Monegasque Olympic Committee and affiliated to official international federations (IFMA for Thai boxing; WAKO for kickboxing, K1 Rules, Full Contact etc.; IWUF for Kung Fu Wushu), Master Pouget is also a certified expert with the French Karate, Krav Maga and Kickboxing federations (members of panels of judges up to the 5th Dan or grade).

Pro world federations exclusive promoter in Monaco

Master Claude Pouget is the representative of the Monegasque federations at the international federations of:
– Muay Thai:
– International Federation of Amateur Muay Thai (IFMA) ;
– European Muay Thai Federation (EMF)
– Kickboxing, K1 Rules, etc.:
– WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations)
– Wushu:
– International Wushu Federation (IWUF);
– European Wushu Federation (EWUF);

Lastly, he is the representative and exclusive promoter in Monaco of prestigious world organisations of martial arts and professional combat sports for Thai Boxing (WMC), Kickboxing/K1 Rules etc. (WAKO PRO).