The International Martial Arts Academy of Monaco

Founded in 1997, the The International Martial Arts Academy of Monaco, chaired by Mrs Felicia POUGET, is licensed by the Government of Monaco and Peace and Sport Partner’s. The Academy provides instruction to nearly 200 licensees who practice Thai Boxing (Muay Thai), kickboxing, K1 Rules, Full-Contact, Chinese Boxing (Wushu Sanda) R.O.C. and Krav Maga Self-Defence in the Boxing room of the Stade Louis II. These disciplines are taught in separate classes for adults and teens as well as children from ages 10 to 13. Teaching is conducted, with his certified team, under the technical direction of the Monegasque Claude Pouget, a Top-ranking Expert, State certified in: Muaythai (10th Khan IFMA), KickBoxing (7th Degree) Karate (6th Dan), Self-Defence, Krav Maga (5th Dan), K1 Rules, Full-Contact, Wushu Kung Fu (Wushu Sanda), Sambo, Wrestling and Boxing. He has earned a total of 14 black belts and 10 State certifications. As well as being the Director of several martial arts (Krav Maga, Wushu, etc..) federations or associations in Monaco, Cap d’Ail and Beausoleil, Claude Pouget also exercises the national federal functions of Kickboxing Grading Officer ( delivering up to the 7th Degree), and Technical Advisor for Krav Maga in France. In 2013 he was honoured by the Hall of Fame among the international elite for the 4th consecutive year, with the award for “Martial Arts Master of the Year”. The Academy is a member of the Monegasque Federation of Fighting Sports, Thai boxing, KickBoxing, K1 Rules, Krav Maga, Wushu, and Associated Disciplines. The Monegasque Federation of Fighting Sports and Associated Disciplines is affiliated to the WMC (World Muaythai Council), the IFMA (International Federation of Muaythai Amateur), the WAKO, (“World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) and WAKO PRO. IFMA and WAKO are the only international federations recognised by their Sport Accord International Federations Union in their disciplines. THE STEERING COMMITTEE The Steering Committee of the Academy is composed of : Messrs. Claude POUGET (Executive Officer), Gérard POUGET (Vice President), Thomas BREZZO (Vice President), Her Excellency Mrs. Catherine FAUTRIER (Member of the Honorary Committee and Vice President), Mrs. Félicia POUGET ( President), Cécile GELABALE (Member of the Honorary Committee and Vice President), Mrs Magali MORAZZANI (Advisor), Mr. Lionel VAUDANO (Advisor), Charles VAUDANO (Secretary-General). Missing in the photo: Mmes. Jocelyne FAUTRIER-BELLONE (General Treasurer), Marguerite VAUDANO (Deputy General Treasurer).