Jean Paul Maillet is the Editorial Advisor or presenter Monte Carlo Fighting Masters Combat sports consultant for CANAL+ Group channels for 20 years Editor-in-chief of Kombat Sport: the CANALSAT channel dedicated to combat sports Producer and presenter of DOJO on Eurosport and Fight on SPORT+. Presentation of the world’s biggest martial arts and combat sports events, including K1 Bercy, the Mormeck-Haye world championship and the Paris-Bercy Martial Arts Festival.

Daniel Allouche has presented 2014 nad 2016 editionsof the Monte Carlo Fighting Masters

Nicknamed “the voice”, Daniel Allouche, who has served as the official commentator for Canal + for the past 24 years, is a true reference. He is the undisputed specialist, with a complete grasp of the different boxing styles, including English and foot and fists. Daniel has presented more than 2000 galas, as well as nearly 500 world championships—a number that has been reached with the 2nd edition of the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters 2014! As one of the first Muay Thai boxers in France, he is also a confidant to some of the leading competitors, whatever their nationality or fighting discipline! In addition to all of that, Daniel Allouche has also performed in a number of films.